Mid-Career Faculty Workshop Chairs

Panos Constantinides, University of Manchester, UK. Email: panos.constantinides@manchester.ac.uk
Virpi Kristiina Tuunainen, Aalto University, Finland. Email: virpi.tuunainen@aalto.fi

Important Dates

• Mid-Career Faculty Workshop Submission Deadline: 11 March 2024
• Mid-Career Faculty Workshop Acceptance Notification: 25 March 2024
• Mid-Career Faculty Workshop: 16 June 2024


What is the Mid-Career Faculty Workshop?

By the time academics progress to their mid-career (e.g., in the US this is associated with tenured positions), they have typically produced a substantial body of impactful research to build on, and yet, they may feel a need to re-orientate and advance their work. Once the pressure of an up-or-out tenure decision is no longer the motivator, it can be challenging for mid-career Associate Professors or Senior Lecturers to hit their stride and “find a fit” in moving forward in their careers.

In defining how to move forward, there are many possible roads one could take. The mid-career stage may be experienced as a new opportunity for setting a new research agenda, e.g., seeking greater impact, pursuing research-funding opportunities, or seeking alignment with institutional strategic research objectives. At the same time, the mid-career stage comes with the opportunity to take on responsibilities in various other areas, such as engagement in the scientific community by taking on editorial roles at IS journals, leadership roles at AIS), other administrative roles in their home institutions (e.g., Head of Group), and interacting with practitioners.

We also acknowledge that in the last few years, academics have had to face disruptions that go above and beyond the usual pressures associated with mid-career advancement and development. These disruptions include the COVID-19 pandemic and more recently the coming of age of generative AI such as OpenAI’s Chat GPT-4. These disruptions have created additional risks to an academic’s work-life balance, but also existential threats about the future of the profession. We all had to grapple with the shift from face-to-face to virtual teaching and learning, the need to develop new skills and to learn to use new technologies.

Evidently, decisions about mid-career choices can be daunting, especially given the uncertainty created by the aforementioned disruption. Choosing from among new opportunities and responsibilities can be overwhelming and cause mid-career faculty to wonder – “Which road(s) should I take and how can I navigate possible tensions?”, “What does it take to successfully enter a new arena?”, “How can I cope with unforeseen events or crises on the road taken?”


Audience and Objective of the Mid-Career Faculty Workshop

The Mid-Career Workshop is an opportunity for IS scholars to reflect on their existing work and strategically plan for the next phase of their careers. Generally, every researcher who is in the mid-career stage is welcome to participate in this workshop. This workshop is appropriate for any faculty member who has received tenure and is considering a longer view of the professional contribution(s) they want to make. Individuals at all stages of tenured professorship may find this workshop useful, from newly tenured faculty members to those who have settled into their role as tenured professors. Researchers who are more advanced in their careers but considering a shift in their work are welcome to apply as well. Those who have attended other mid-career workshops are welcome to participate, share, and learn from other colleagues.


Organization of the Mid-Career Faculty Workshop

The Mid-Career Workshop at ECIS 2024 will be an interactive event. We will discuss what is known about the mid-career research stage and look at varying routes to take and associated challenges for mid-career researchers across countries and contexts. The workshop will feature panels and break-out groups to create, reflect on, and promote individual career plans. Workshop-wide discussions with mentors will help to learn from each other about possible roads to take, what it takes to succeed, and how to cope with unforeseen events and crises. Panels and follow-up round tables with panelists as mentors will help participants find effective ways to self-organize and manage the competing demands of research, teaching, and service. Workshop participants will share experiences, and develop and collect feedback on their own research agendas and plans for a satisfying and successful mid-career.

Discussions will focus on issues relevant to mid-career professionals, such as:

  • Taking on leadership roles in University administration and academic community service
  • Fostering engagement with practice
  • Generating research impact
  • Dealing with tensions, technological disruptions, unforeseen events, crises, or inequalities


Application Procedure (closed)

Participation in the Mid-Career Faculty Workshop is included in the ECIS 2024 registration fee.  Interested participants must apply by 11 March 2024 via the following application form. 

Workshop acceptance notification will be sent by 25 March 2024.


13:30 -13:35 Welcome and Introductions

13:35 -14:00 Keynote – Ann Majchrzak , University of Southern California, USA

14:00-15:00 Panel on career choices

15:00-15:20 coffee

15:20-16:40 Roundtable discussions with mentors

16:40-17:30 Collective discussion/reflections and take aways.